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Letting Go of Guilt and Blame

I have been depressed about the loss of my children thru divorce. I am with a wonderful man but do not have my children. I ask for direction in healing the relationships with my children.-- Kristi


Dear One,

The relationships with your children cannot be healed until you heal your own heart and the guilt and pain that it carries. At present, you do not know what direction to move in because you feel at fault and also because you blame others for the circumstances you are in. Let go of blame of yourself and others. Allow the warmth and caring of your heart to flower without these things and the truth of what needs to happen with and for your children will come to you naturally and intuitively. You are afraid of making the wrong move and doing the wrong thing, and so your natural movements or gestures are stifled because you are concerned about how you will be seen and whether you will be seen as acting wrongly.

This is a difficult time, dear one, and one that your soul has chosen in order that you learn better how to listen to the true feelings of your heart. Your children will respond to the natural warmth of your heart if it is freer of guilt and blame, and they will find their own way back into a relationship with you that is more satisfying. The need to clarify your feelings, however, is important, so that things become clear in your communications with them. Blessings - Julie Redstone

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