Shifting Old Energy Patterns

May 2, 2007

Dearest Belovd Children of God,

The current time is a difficult one, for the spiritual levels of light arriving to the Earth have not yet reached the critical mass of physical embodiment that will create a major structural shift in the current planetary situation. This level shift is imminent, and has been delayed on several occasions in the recent past due to the interference of energies of darkness. The most recent delay happened at the end of December 2006, which slowed the experience of momentum and light that people were feeling at that time, and as a result caused depression and despair for many who are waiting faithfully for transformation.

This type of interference delays but does not halt the forward motion of God's plan for the Earth, for the spiritual physics of the situation ensure that the current energy configurations of darkness that are entrenched upon the Earth will transform. God's light is ultimately stronger than the opposing energies, and as physical matter becomes more and more infused by God's light, the old energy patterns will be released and transformed. The challenge for lightworkers and faithful servants of God, is to remain faithful to love, and to not give over one's energy or attention to the negative energies.

There are so many blessings awaiting, and all efforts are being made by oppositional forces to encourage light bearers to abandon their efforts and to give over to negative emotions. If you carry within you tendencies for anxiety, despair, anger or depression, these are being amplified and in some cases, are causing lightworkers to make choices based on despair or desperation, rather than faith.

We understood the temptation to give in to negativity when you are already stressed and feeling at the end of your endurance, and so at this time there is something new that will assist those tired faithful servants of God to re-connect with the light. There is a new Messages by Request offering available from Light Omega that can address your specific concerns and challenges. We encourage you to avail yourself of this new resource and the many other supports available here, for God's light is real, active and present even at this time when the experience of light is covered and hidden for so many. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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