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Grounding Within Transition
by Mashubi
February 9, 2016

This first meditation of 2016 assists us to discover a place of comfort and grounding within the process of transition. keep reading

Transition Into New Light
by Mashubi
October 30, 2015

This meditation assists us to open our bodies and energies to the new light that now present on the Earth, and to release the old habits and energies from the past. keep reading

Separating from the False Self
by Mashubi
September 18, 2015

Support to regain your connection with your heart and inner being and to separate from negative energies which cover or separate you from your inner Truth. keep reading

Stability in the Midst of Strong Emotions
by Mashubi
August 28, 2015

Support to find your inner light, stability and balance in the midst of emotional intensity. keep reading

Receiving Blessings In the Midst of Difficulty
by Mashubi
August 12, 2015

In times of difficulty it is common to contract and focus on the challenges. This meditation assists us in remaining open to God's blessings which are also present. keep reading

Trusting In The Presence of Pain
by Mashubi
July 15, 2015

This guided meditation offers assistance to connect with your soul's trust and faith during times of pain, crisis, challenge and difficulty. keep reading

Releasing Habitual Thoughts and Feelings
by Mashubi
June 26, 2015

A guided meditation that offers assistance to release habitual negative thought or emotional patterns. keep reading

Re-Stabilizing After a Time of Difficulty
June 10, 2015
by Mashubi

Assistance to re-stabilize your physical and energy bodies after a time of upheaval, disruption, or any time you are feeling a need for anchoring in healing light. keep reading

Adapting to Energetic Shifts
by Mashubi
May 26, 2015

Assistance to adapt to strong energetic shifts and to access inner guidance about how to manage the changes. keep reading

Sacred Connections Class #1 - Beginnings
Mashubi Rochell
Sacred Connections Class introduction, beginnings, how to prepare and start the greater flow of spiritual light into your daily life. keep reading

Stabilizing Light

June 1, 2015

There is a need to stabilize light on the Earth planes at this time, and we encourage you to focus your attention in your daily lives to those activities that can help manifest keep reading

Message from the Light

August 29, 2014

It is time once again to let you know about the state of things globally as this is affected by the expansion of spiritual light and by the opposition of forces that would limit that. keep reading

Message from Those Who Serve the Light

August 20, 2014

I ask of you at this time that whatever efforts you have been making to help in the healing of the planet, that you devote yourself with even greater determination to these efforts keep reading

Caring for Your Light-body

March 25, 2014

The Earth is changing in its physical/energetic structure, and along with it, all who inhabit physical bodies are moving into a higher vibration of light. keep reading

The Power of Waiting

March 8, 2014

The energy-force that is activated through waiting... is not only invisible, but is not ordinarily available to our conscious self. It is an aspect of soul-consciousness that we bring into being in fulfillment of our soul's purpose for being on the Earth, and in fulfillment of God's purposes for us. keep reading

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